The man responsible for breaking the bank in Monte Carlo was Charles Wells.

Charles Wells is famous for having an incredible run of luck in the casino.

roulette tables, to the point of bankrupting the Monte Carlo establishment on more than one time. His affection towards

However, over time, gambling would prove to be too much for him, and he would be forced to turn to

dishonest actions in order to support his addiction. Despite the fact that Wells was born in the

Although taking place in the middle of the 1800s, his deeds are still discussed today.

In order to get more insight into Charles Wells, his upbringing, the events that led to his life of crime, and his

When he first began gambling, and how he was able to win so much money at the Monte Carlo casino on

Please take the time to go through this extensive biography. more than one occasion. Who could say?

You could even learn something about yourself that you had never idea existed before.

The Beginning Years

In the year 1841, Charles De Ville Wells was born in the town of Broxbourne, which is located in Hertfordshire. His

Charles Jeremiah Wells, the author’s father, was also a prominent lawyer and poet. His mother, and his

Emily Jane Hill was a mother who stayed at home and cared for her son Charles as well as her other children.

There are three elder sisters here. When Wells was only a baby, his family uprooted and relocated to

Quimper, France, was Wells’ primary residence during the most of his formative years.

Because they wanted to teach excellent principles in Wells, his parents brought him to church once a week.

inside their young male child. Alcoholism and compulsive gambling were both genetically predisposed in this family.

In addition to this, they held out hope that Wells would not have the same challenges when he was

a greater age. When he was a younger man, he found that the time he spent at church was quite beneficial to him.

really courteous, and they never broke any of the regulations.

When he was younger, he studied at France’s L’ecole de Diwan, a highly prominent private school.

the time being. Wells had an excellent academic record and was able to graduate at the top of his class.

1959: He graduated at the top of his class. Because to his hard work, he was awarded a scholarship to attend.

he received his bachelor of arts degree from Clermont-Ferrand University, from which he graduated.

engineering work.

After receiving his diploma, he decided to pursue a career in engineering and began working at the Marseille

yards for constructing ships. He worked there and devised a mechanism that could control the temperature while he was there.

the rate at which a ship’s propellers turn. He was successful in finding a buyer for the patent for his innovation.

for the price of 5,000 Swiss francs, which was roughly equivalent to five times his annual wage at the time.

The Beginning of a Life of Crime and Gambling

Wells, now that he had a little bit of additional money to spend, became a regular visitor to the

France is home to a number of casinos. This is the point in the story that things began to take a turn for the better.

worse for this individual who was formerly well-mannered and attended church regularly. Soon after, he established

Gambling became an addiction for him, and before he realized it, he had lost all of his money.

He was in such financial straits that he managed to find some investors who were prepared to back his venture.

Construction work on a railroad line. In the region known as Berck, which is located in, he intended to construct a railroad.

France, which was in need of services related to transportation. After realizing how much it would cost

Because of how difficult it would be to actually construct the train, Wells made the decision to accept his investors’ money.

money, and they ran away. Wells would never do anything like this, but he was at his wit’s end and felt that he had no other options.

another option.

He eventually found himself in England, where he proceeded to waste every money he had on gambling.

which he had brought in. Once again, he sought assistance from investors in the business. He persuaded a number of people

many well-to-do individuals of the community to make an investment in one of his several technologies. He

seized them money without any intention of repaying them, and instead used their resources to further their own interests.

money so he may continue to indulge his gambling addiction. This continued for a good number of years.

Spending beyond one’s means

In the month of July in 1891, Wells made his first trip to the Casino de Monte Carlo. At

At that time, there was a cash reserve of one hundred thousand dollars at each roulette table in the casino.

dollars, which was often referred to as “the bank.” francs. Every time a player at the table won an

When they made a withdrawal of more than 100,000 francs, it was stated that they had “broken the bank.”

When anything like this occurred, the casino employees were compelled to break into the

casino’s safe in order to make the entire payment to the winner. The good fortune of Wells at the roulette tables

The fact that he was able to “break the bank” during his time spent in Monte Carlo astounded everyone.

bank” on a number of occasions throughout the length of his stay at that location.

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