Canada’s Top Sports Betting Sites for 2023

Get the most recent odds for every major game and event on the top Canadian sports betting websites and mobile applications. Our recommended sites give excellent odds and free wagers on several sports, including hockey, NFL, and soccer. Compare the sites in terms of markets, bet kinds, banking, and security. Check out our list of the top Canadian sports betting sites to get started immediately.

Avoiding Canadian sports betting sites

While there are several reputable online sports betting services, some have been known to take advantage of gamblers’ confidence and leave them empty-handed. We have included a list of the worst offenders so you can avoid them. If you are concerned about the quality of a betting site, you should stick to the sites on our shortlist, which have all passed several quality and security checks.

Canada’s Top Bet-On Sports


In 2023, betting enthusiasts in Canada enjoy wagering on a vast array of sports, but there are eight that are always the most popular online. Here are the top sports for betting in Canada:


NHL Hockey Betting

NHL Hockey Betting

That Canadians enjoy hockey is a global reality. The NHL is the only major Canadian-facing sport that receives global exposure in the sports betting sector. You may wager on your favorite team at the majority of Canadian sports betting sites.



NHL Hockey Betting

NFL Football Wagers

NFL Football Betting

The NFL is extremely popular worldwide, but notably in North America, where Super Bowl betting is a major attraction. Many Canadians like watching National Football League games throughout the whole season.



NFL Football Wagers

NBA Basketball Betting

The NBA club is a formidable opponent. The Toronto Raptors, a local club that competes in the Atlantic Division, is well-known among Canadian bettors as a source of immense betting chances in basketball.



NBA Basketball Betting

UFC Betting

UFC Betting The UFC has had a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years and is a betting favorite in Canada. With over 40 tournaments and hundreds of fights scheduled each year, you may choose from a wide variety of betting alternatives.


Football betting on the CFL

Betting on CFL Football is another national favorite. Fans may wager on the nine participating teams during the whole season, with a wide variety of markets to pick from.


Soccer wagering Soccer wagering

Bets on soccer are immensely common among Canadian sports enthusiasts. In Canada, you could wager on the Major League Soccer (MLS) or Canadian Premier League (CPL). In addition to international competitions like as La Liga, the English Premier League, and the World Cup, internet sportsbooks provide Canadian gamblers with an abundance of soccer betting markets.


Bets on College Football College football Football fans in Canada may not be as accustomed to wagering on college football games. The U Sports Football games are the highest level of collegiate football competition in Canada, with 27 teams playing. Also, given that U.S.-based organizations like as the NCAAF produce some of football’s top future stars, it is certainly worth watching.


Wagering on Horse Races

Wagering on Horse Races

Horse racing has a long history, and bets may be placed on events all around the world. Canadian gamblers can put money on horses in the Canadian Triple Crown, which is Canada’s most popular horse racing championship domestically. Internationally, The Grand National (UK) and the Dubai World Cup are also noteworthy (UAE).

Advantages of Online versus Offline Sports Betting


With the growing number of online sportsbooks, a substantial proportion of Canadian bettors have already completely accepted the transition to digital. Nevertheless, there are still people who prefer to wager offline and may be losing out on some of the benefits of online wagering. To give you an idea of what to anticipate from an online sportsbook, we’ve outlined a few of the most important advantages:


When you sign up, you may take advantage of the various welcome benefits.

You may also be offered extra promotions that might increase your wins or provide further incentives.

Online gamblers may have the ability to pay out specific wagers before to the conclusion of an event.

It is simple to place wagers and withdraw earnings while on the move.

You may effortlessly move between different providers to take advantage of the many available features and deals.

How We Evaluate the Top Online Gambling Sites in Canada


In 2022, there will be an increase in the number of online Canadian sports betting sites due to the popularity of sports betting. However, not every website deserves your time and money. This is where we can assist you. We are here to direct you towards sites that deliver on their claims.


You can see exactly what we look for when putting a Canadian sports betting platform through its paces, as well as how we choose the top 10 sports betting sites, in our step-by-step evaluation process.


Variety of Sports, Markets, and Betting Options

Any sports betting site that obtains our seal of approval will have markets for the most popular North American and international sports. A Canadian business must provide betting choices on the CFL, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, EPL, and UCL, among others, to join our selection. Each site we propose will also provide an extensive variety of wager kinds. There are fixed odds, in-play/live, outright, parlay, and straight options available.


Variety of Sports, Markets, and Bet Types Bonuses and Special Offers

Significant wagering advantages and so-called “risk-free” wagers have emerged as a result of greater rivalry among online sportsbooks. Any prominent online betting service in Canada will provide a variety of free wagers, incentives, and promotions, and may even provide a VIP package to its most loyal clients.


Bonuses & Special Offers

Banking & Payouts

During this portion of the evaluation, we examine the various deposit and withdrawal options. We anticipate a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, as well as cryptocurrencies. We regularly evaluate payout times to guarantee that players never have to wait to withdraw their winnings.


Banking & Payouts

Safety, Security, and Customer Service

We only endorse websites that adhere to the greatest standards of security, safety, and customer service. Every time we conduct a review, we conduct a comprehensive background check that includes licensing, certification, and auditing procedures. This is to guarantee that the brand is functioning lawfully and offering its customers a fair service. We will also conduct a series of tests on the customer service alternatives. We want a variety of approaches and skilled personnel that go the additional mile to deliver an exceptional experience.


Safety, Security, and Customer Service

Competitive Odds and Extra Attributes

One of the most important factors to consider while selecting a site is the competitiveness of its odds in comparison to those of other sites. We ensure that each website we recommend is among the finest, so you know you’re getting the most value for your money. In addition, we like sportsbooks that provide live streaming of events, data and statistics, and the chance to pay out your wager early.


Competitive Odds and Extra Mobile Features

The vast majority of bettors now reach their favourite sportsbooks via their mobile phone or tablet, therefore we must guarantee that they are optimized for the smaller screen. Whether through a specialized mobile app that provides instant access to your wagers or a mobile website with an intuitive design, all leading sportsbooks should prioritize mobile optimization.


Mobile Website Rankings

When a site receives high marks for all of the aforementioned criteria, it is placed on the list of the top betting sites in Canada. The staff examines all suggested websites on a regular basis to assess their effectiveness and update information in the reviews.

Odds in Sports Betting, Explanation


When attempting to comprehend how sports betting odds function, bettors will discover that different sites utilize various odd kinds. As the Canadian sports betting landscape diversifies, certain establishments may offer you a selection of wagering possibilities. These alternatives will be presented in decimal, fractional, and moneyline/American formats. We’ve included a brief explanation of each below, but for more information please visit our page on Sports Betting Odds Explanation.


How do decimal odds work?

The format of decimal odds is both whole integers and decimals. Instead of detailing the entire profit, decimal odds display the total payment. The number indicates both the prospective return and the amount wagered. For example, “even money” odds will be stated as 2 or 2.00.


These are sometimes referred to as continental or European odds.


Evens Decimal

How do fractional odds work?

These odds will always appear as a fractional number. The quantity on the left indicates the amount of profit you will make if you wager the amount on the right. For instance, fractional odds are represented as 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, etc. “even money” refers to chances of 1/1, or 2.0 in decimal odds.


This style, sometimes known as classic odds, is most prevalent in the United Kingdom. It is also present in the Canadian sports betting industry.


Chance Fractional

How do moneyline odds work?

Moneyline odds allow you to bet on certain teams to win a game by identifying the favorite. Listed as a positive or negative number, moneyline odds sometimes include a currency symbol. The favorite will have a negative sign (-), indicating the amount you must wager to win, for instance, $100. The underdog will be represented with a plus symbol (+). Moneyline odds display the profit connected with the wager; thus, you must manually add your initial wager to determine your total payout.


Moneyline odds are the preferred format for all major bookmakers in the United States. Additionally referred to as American odds.

The Principal Bet Types and Markets


Online gambling in Canada offers thrills, spills, and more, partly because to the sheer amount of markets and wager kinds available. So, how does sports betting work? These are the markets and wagers that you should become acquainted to if you plan on placing wagers at a big Canadian sports betting website.

FAQ about Canadian Sports Betting


Popularity of online sports betting in Canada

Yes. There are several classic Canadian sports on which to wager, including the NHL. Due to this, there are several prominent sports betting sites accessible to Canadian players, catering to every type of bettor and sport.


Is betting on sports allowed in Canada?

Yes. It is permissible to wager on sports online in Canada, but a government-issued gambling license is required for all Canadian-based sports betting websites.


Which sports are open for wagering in Canada?

There are several regional, national, and international sports and athletic events to pick from. In addition to ice and field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, American football, rugby, tennis, and basketball.


On which sports do Canadians like to wager?

Canadian fans are fond of global sports such as NBA basketball, soccer, NFL football, and golf. However, ice hockey is by far the most popular sport in the country. The National Hockey League (NHL) is an excellent illustration of this. Lacrosse and curling are other prominent sports in Canada. Canadians’ interest in betting on cricket and horse racing has also increased, according to sportsbooks.


How do odds work in sports betting?

Odds in sports betting indicate the likelihood that a specific team or contestant will win an event or competition. They also display how much money you may win if your wager is successful. In other words, you may use them to quickly determine who the underdog and favorite are.


When determining what odds to provide, bookies consider a variety of criteria. This may contain everything from the odds offered by rival bookmakers to the outcomes of past contests. They will modify the odds in real time based on factors such as injuries, weather, and the amount of money gamblers have placed on each result.


How are odds determined?

The odds for sports betting are determined by a bookmaker. This might be a casino or any other betting establishment. First, a line is formed based on a study of the likely outcome of an event (match, race, etc.), and then the line moves in accordance with how people wager.


The purpose of the bookmaker is to generate action on both sides of the betting line in order to minimize their risk, not to provide players with an accurate depiction of reality.


Am I eligible for bonuses at Canadian sportsbooks?

Yes. Numerous sign-up bonuses and promotions for real money are offered by online betting establishments in Canada to new and current consumers.


What are the top online gambling sites in Canada?

Our best recommendations for Canadian gamers in 2023 include the venues featured on this page. They all provide a high-quality sports betting experience and a comprehensive selection of games and tournaments on which to gamble.


How can I enter wagers on a bet slip?

When you find a market and wager that interests you, choose them. This should add the wager on your bet slip, which is often shown on the screen’s right or bottom. If you add additional wagers to your bet slip, you will be able to freely modify the wager type via on-screen choices, such as double, triple, parlay, system, etc.


How can I constantly win bets on sports?

There is no legal strategy to ensure constant success in sports betting. Nevertheless, there are a lot of techniques to increase your odds of consistently winning:


– Sports betting research may be quite helpful when determining which wagers to put. It never hurts to do your research, whether you’re analyzing statistical data or taking advice.


– Finding profitable wagers is essential, particularly in competitive marketplaces. Converting chances to probabilities will give you a sense of how valuable those odds are. For instance, chances of 3/1 may be translated to odds of 1/4 (bottom number over total of both numbers) to obtain the implied probability, which is 25%. In addition, considering other aspects such as a team’s form might reveal a wager to be considerably more lucrative than it initially appears.


– Bet frequently, but prudently. The more wagers you place, the more you will become acquainted with the odds being given and what it means for your possible returns. Do not become disheartened if you do not win immediately, but avoid developing the habit of chasing your losses.


What is the most secure sport to wager on?

There is no definitive answer, as sports are so varied. We recommend betting on the sports you know the most about, so you can use your knowledge of the competition while evaluating the odds. With more popular sports in Canada, you may discover that the promotions and deals associated with them are likewise more tempting.


Can Canadians put sports wagers online?

Yes, you may confidently put online sports wagers in Canada in 2023. The majority of online sportsbooks in Canada are legal, safe, and provide outstanding odds. Choose one of our top-recommended sportsbooks to receive the finest sports betting odds online.


Where may Canadians wager on sports?

You may wager on sports in Canada at any of our experts’ recommended online sportsbooks. You may place wagers from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in Canada if you use a mobile device. You may purchase betting tickets for Sport Select (or your local equivalent) from a number of petrol stations and convenience stores if you wish to put a land-based sports wager.

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