Review of the Rocky Online Slots

Playtech’s heavyweight slot game packs a punch when it comes to the extra features it offers, which include the opportunity to win enormous prizes in the boxing ring as well as highlights from the original “Rocky” movies.

About the Rocky Slot Machine Game Found Online

The game is just a slot machine with five reels and 25 paylines, and as soon as you start playing it, you’ll be reminded of some of the most memorable moments from the original boxing series. The rewards are determined not by the standard face cards but rather by the letters R, O, C, and K, and Y. The reels spin to the sound of a speed bag, and rather of utilizing them, the payments go via those letters. If you are successful in spelling out ROCKY anywhere on the reels, you will get a payout equal to five times the amount of your original wager. When you consider that the betting limits might run anywhere from 0.1 to 500 per spin, this can be a sizeable sum.

When it comes to wagers, players have the ability to choose the number of pay lines they like to use, the number of coins they wish to place on each pay line, and the value of the coins they use. All of this is made easier with a button labeled “Max Bet,” as well as an option called “Auto Spin.”

Other significant winning symbols include the antagonists from the first four movies; if any of these symbols appear in a winning combination, you will be presented with a memorable scene from one of the films. But if you want any genuine excitement, you’ll have to hold out until the bonus game comes around. It is possible to wager any and all gains in an effort to increase them by a factor of two.

Characteristics, Particulars, and Symbols

We have previously divulged the fact that the Rocky online slot game has a number of exciting extra features that players should keep an eye out for. Although the ROCKY jackpot is impressive, the actual prize is reserved for those who play the Wildcard game. This symbol, which is Rocky Balboa himself, may stand in for any other sign in a winning combination, with the exception of the scatter (Italian Stallion). If this weren’t enough to entice you, getting five of them in a row will award you a staggering 10,000 times your initial bet if you’re lucky enough to score it!

In addition to that, be on the lookout for the Scatter, who is an Italian Stallion. The bonus round consisting of free spins may be triggered when three or more appear anywhere on the reels. You will get 15, 20, or 25 free games, each of which comes with a multiplier that is doubled to help you rack up even more cash. If you happen to have a good day and spin the Scatter bonus again while you are playing the free games, you will be given an additional 15 spins as a prize. Because this is a repeatable process, the potential benefits are almost limitless.

Last but not least, there is a bonus round known as the Knockout Bonus, which is triggered when the knockout symbol appears on reels one and five. A championship bout between Rocky and one of his three adversaries, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, or Ivan Drago, will take place during this bonus round. As soon as you have decided who you will fight, you go into the ring for 10 rounds of intense head-to-head competition. Each round that Rocky wins, you are awarded a cash reward that is equal to three times the amount that you wagered. If you land the early knockout punch, you’ll be eligible to win a reward for each of the remaining rounds.

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