“Jewels of Prosperity” PG SOFT bet game has released a new game which will provide all players everlasting riches. Step into another planet and get a primary gold and jade page as you enter the game! The players will be standing in front of the mansion of Jewels of Prosperity, a scepter that represents good fortune, where the Ruyi was concealed. The Chinese Kylin lock unfortunately locks her home door. Will you be the one who gets and releases the key?

Jewels of Prosperity is a 6-roll, 4-row VIDEO with Free Spins feature that transforms into adhesive Wild symbols. Jewels of Prosperity 7 gratuitous spins are awarded if wherever on reels there are 3 or more Scatter symbols. In addition, a symbol will randomly be selected as the special to turn into Sticky Wild Symbols at the beginning of the Free Spins Feature! Take your opportunity to win extra during each free spin!

Get the famous Ruyi and enjoy a successful and rich life!

The second Chapter on Captain Bowling – “That is OF BOUNTY!” PG SOFT launches THE SECOND Chapter on Captain Bountie!

PG SOFT has always been dedicated to creating distinctive and exquisite games on the market, creating many famous gaming characters over the years, like the Captain Bounty last year! Since its debut this game has gained many fans, and PG SOFT releases the second part of “Captain Bounty”- “Queen of Bounty” with its fans’ constant support! This time, the magnificent and dominant Queen Grace begins an exciting fight with you for the treasure map!

Grace was also renowned as the wife of the notorious pirate, Captain Blackbart, as daughter of the most important marine family in the Seven Seas. All the pirates of the Seven Seas revere her most, since she’s called the Queen of the Seven Seas! After Blackbeard passed away, her wealth and the most desirable treasure map of Blackbeard were inherited! It is claimed that only those who are courageous enough to get the map from the Queen may locate Blackbeard’s secret riches before he dies!


“Bounty Queen” is a 5-wheel, 3-wheel video slot with cascading symbols, rising multipliers and free spins. In all spins, all winnings boost the multiplier! Trigger the Free Spins Function when there are three or more Scatter symbols! During the free spins function, wins may be increased by x40! Now take the challenge of becoming the new owner of the map!

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